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scrubsbuzz said:
Maybe the thing so special about sharks is that they have existed for over 420 million years (190 million years before dinosaurs walked the earth) and that humans are killing 100 million of them a year in a inhumane and disgusting manor for practically no reason and because of that, they are going extinct which will result in the whole ecosystem collapsing, and in turn, the economy. And people have the completely wrong idea about sharks and we need to make people aware of the situation :)

I agree and understand that people should be informed. My point is this. There are many other species of animals that are being slaughtered by the thousands everyday. (if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you look up “The Cove”.) That some people in this world may not be aware of, every animal has a purpose in the ecosystem. Most humans see sharks as “man eaters” Which we can thank movies such as “Jaws” for, and I believe that’s why people watch, they have that perception of them. (I’m in no way saying they are harmlesss.) Yes I do think they are amazing creatures and have a purpose. I in no way said “sharks are nothing but man eaters and deserve to die.” I just believe having a week dedicated to them is not needed.

Dear walker, Are you aware that its 12:30 in the morning, its cold, wet and pitch black out???

Sincerely, Me

Ps: you must be off your rocker…

What’s so fucking great about shark week?

Shark week… a week filled with constant conversation about how “fucking awesome” Shark week is. Well I wanna know, what’s so fucking great about sharks that they get a whole week dedicated to them!? I mean you don’t see a “Lion Week” or “Panda Week.” And as a matter of fact I’m about 95% sure that they replay the shows from years past. I mean how much more shit could they have learned about sharks in the span of a year where they can fill a fucking weeks worth in? By now I could be a fucking shark expert or some shit.

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